Yorokobi is a small Japanese and Korean restaurant in Aberdeen. They serve a large selection of dishes but I have never tried the Katsu curry, bibimbab, ramen, yakisoba or bento. Always get carried away with the sushi! Really must go back and sample some more of this amazing Menu

I think I have a sushi addiction… Eating some while writing this!

I went last week with a couple of mates, and ordered ourselves a massive spread of sushi and sides. So good!

Obligatory gyoza (steamed dumplings) and some edamame beans. Goroke – Japanese sweet pumpkin croquettes was also ordered. Plus asahi beers all round.

Also a selection of sashimi and nigiri, prawn, tuna, salmon and eel.

We went for a couple of rolls; the caterpillar roll which contains avocado, cucumber and crab sticks. And is topped with thin slices of avocado, black sesame seeds and served with some wasabi cream sauce and teriyaki sauce. Loved it!

There was also a special ordered but no idea what it was called. But another I do remember was the volcano roll. Salmon, cucumber and avocado which was topped with green and orange fish roe and served with a spicy sauce and mayo.

There was also spicy tuna maki, and a California roll topped with fish roe.


Absolutely amazing meal, ate heaps (far too much). Drank a couple of beers each and still came to just over £30 each. Bargain! And tasted so much better than yosushi.