This is just a quick post as didn’t get many photos as was too hungry!

I went to Cue for lunch with a mate last weekend, I have been before and it is the ultimate meat lovers restaurant, complete with their own smoker for great flavoured meat. Mmm….

First up we ordered drinks, proper frozen margaritas, nice and strong. Absolutely delicious! 

We decided we wanted a bit of everything so went for the Cue Meat Platter. Immense size, no idea how one person would manage it. 

The brisket was probably my favourite, but the pulled pork was also great mixed with some Angus and Oink sauce.

We ordered sides, although really didn’t need it. Had some corn bread muffins which were nice and light and sweet, went great with the meat. Plus some Mac and cheese, amazing.

Didn’t finish all of our food never mind have room for pudding. But highly recommended a trip to Cue, and definitely have a meat tray to sample some of the smoked meats.