Last weekend we headed north for a trip to Portsoy Boat Festival. I had never been before, and was pleasantly surprised. Highly recommend it! 

It is a much bigger event than I was expecting, and very well organised. There are even mini busses shuttling people back and fore from the car park, although we just walked as it is less than a mile. 

In the village centre there is a marque set up with half used for entertainment and half the food hall. While we were there on the Sunday there was a selection of traditional music and dancing displays on.

The food hall was amazing, huge and so much choice! Cookery demos, Black Isle brewery, Stewart brewery, rock rose gin and vodka, local ice cream, butcher, fishmonger, and much much more.

I sampled a few things along with the ale “first world problems” from the Stewart Brewery, located in Edinburgh. Very tasty, and fruity after taste, didn’t taste as strong as the 6.2% label.

And off course local fish and chips. Yum!

After our munch we slowly wandered down to the harbour, on the way passing multiple musicians entertaining the crowds. 

Portsoy harbour is beautiful and had picked a perfect day for it, blue skies! So much to see and do, a couple of different stages with variety of music, tours round an old yacht, loads of rowing races to watch, craft fairs, loads of local stalls with different games, fishing museums, etc.

Another great spot was the free beer tasting at Fierce Beer, a fairly new on the scene Aberdeen brewery, complete with its own keg garden. I tried the Cranachan Killer, oatmeal pale ale with raspberry and honey tastes, really good. And the Lemmy’Avit, a wheat beer with lemons and rock salt. Even better than the first, so decided on a half pint of it. And sat out in the keg garden to enjoy it in the sun. Perfect! Absolutely love the branding of Fierce Beer, brilliant names and images for the beers, and cool t-shirts!

Will definitely be back again next year!