At the end of March my boyfriend and I went on holiday to Iceland, and what an amazing holiday it was. We had been waiting until the Aberdeen to Reykjavik flights started up, and managed to get a great deal due to visiting over Easter. Icelanders are big on their Easter holidays and a few places have reduced opening hours. 

This is the first of a few blogs on our trip, so check back here over the next week for blogs on Icelandic food and the tours we went on.

Due to the expense of everything in Iceland we had booked an Airbnb instead of a hotel. Which was great as close to town and allowed us to stay in a couple of nights. Also on the way through duty free stocked up on some gin, as had heard that alcohol in Iceland is extortionate. Which it was, and can only be bought in government run shops, of which there isn’t very many.

Another tip I found was to download the app Appy Hour, to know which pubs have happy hour in Reykjavik. The app tells you the offers in near by bars, most have up to half price beers before 8pm. Which is a massive help when a pint is usually £8. Plus another great thing is that I always had 4G cover, even out in the middle of nowhere. 

Reykjavik is a really cool city, more like a big town, really casual and quirky. Once we arrived we went for a wander down the Main Street Laugavegur, loads of graffiti and street art amongst the colourful buildings.

A great way to see over the whole city is to go up Hallgrimskirkja, a church which the shape was designed to resemble the lava flows of Iceland’s landscape. It is stunning inside and out, plus managed to walk past one night during sunset.

The views from the top are amazing, 360 degrees. Plus great way to see all the colourful houses and roof tops.

While in Reykjavik we visited a few museums, the volcano house was particularly interesting and definitely worth a visit. Also wandered past lake Tjornin.

One day we walked down the sea front past the Solfar (sun voyager) sculpture, and were extremely lucky with the weather. Beautiful backdrop, especially as we went at the end of winter where there was still snow on the hills.

Further down the coast is the Harpa concert hall, stunning building which looks completely different from all angles. 

On the last day to chill out we went to the blue lagoon. FYI – need to book in advance as super busy, can get booked up over a week in advance. It is one of the must do attractions in Iceland, and it doesn’t disappoint. You are given a wrist band with which you get to try a face mask, and can get drinks at the bar. Although there is a limit to the number of alcoholic drinks you can have while swimming. I don’t have any photos in the pools, but you can get waterproof plastic cases so you can take your phone in for photos. 

It is a great city, very friendly and would love to go back. However it is really expensive, more than I thought. But still a brilliant holiday and would highly recommend a trip. Any questions give me a shout!