This is one of my favourite cafes in Aberdeenshire, so different, very relaxed and great food. I have been numerous times and thought I would share some of my experiences of The Coffee Apothecary, near Pitmedden.

It is great for brunch where they do full fry ups, granola, pancakes, and breakfast rolls. On one trip I had light fluffy pancakes topped with bacon, maple syrup, banana, and strawberries. Strange but winning combination. 

The main thing which differentiates this coffee shop from the others is the coffee. You can have it brewed in a cafetière, aeropress, Chemex or V60. I am not a coffe drinker, but my boyfriend loves them all. You also get to choose which bean you would like your coffee made from and get some info on the tasting notes.

Instead of coffee I drink green tea. Which is really good in the coffee apothecary, comes with an egg timer to tell you when it is brewed. 

Also I have tried the rose flower blossom, which is a hand stiched bud of green tea and rose petals which flowers as it brews! Beautiful! 

On my most recent trip I had a super tasty warm salad of halloumi, beetroot and lentils. 

The coffee apothecary is decorated with loads of cool little details, like vintage marmalade jugs, and the bathroom floor is stunning, made up of 1p coins! 

Another selling point is that it is licenced so you can have a wine, or a brewdog beer! Great place, will be back again soon!