Frankfurt probably isn’t the first city in Germany you would choose to visit, but living in Aberdeen it is one of the few cities it is easy to get to. Aberdeen has only a few destinations with regular direct flights; London, Reykjavik, Amsterdam, and Paris which I have been lucky to travel to over the past few years. Frankfurt was the next on the list! 

It is a great international city, and not too touristy, which I loved! We ticked off most of the tourist destinations on a bike tour. Starting in the older more traditional side of the city called Sachsenhausen, at the south side of the River Main. Once saddled up (first time on a bike in a good couple of years) we headed towards the Riverside of the Main and the museum street, Schaumainkai. And as it was a Saturday a massive flea market was on, from Eiserner Steg to Untermainbrucke. We pulled up at multiple stops and received masses of information on the history of the local area. Our guide also pointed out and explained the cityscape, and the architects who designed the sky scrapers. 

Frankfurt has a band of gardens around the city centre so there wasn’t much cycling in traffic or on busy roads. It is a much greener city than I imagined, with it being a built up banking city, so many parks, gardens and trees lining most streets. One little corner of the gardens has a hotter microclimate with banana and palm trees, which even produced a harvest of bananas last year! 

Next up we branched off the paths and into the city centre, to the town square and main tourist attraction. Romerberg square which has replica old style buildings built in the 80’s, across from Romer the Town Hall. 

Also next to this square is Frankfurt Cathedral, which the next day we came back to and climbed all 95 meters of it. Got some pretty amazing views!
The cycle tour continued out round the city and across a bridge at the east of the city, which also had stunning views across the city looking back over high rises. 

After this we went for a traditional Frankfurt lunch, which you can read about in my blog about Frankfurt’s Food, along with all the other meals we had.

The next day we went to the Chinese Gardens, also in a corner within the band of gardens. Complete with fish, ducklings and bamboo. Really lovely spot in the city centre of Frankfurt. 

On our last day we hit the shops, the main shopping mall Ziel, and the designer shops around Bockenheimer street. Only had hand luggage so not much for loads of spending, did get a couple of nice pieces of jewellery. And sat in the square outside the opera house for drinks.

The flight out at night was stunning, looking back over the city where we had just spent a great weekend.