Just back from a great weekend full of eating and drinking in Frankfurt. Such an international city, had a vast range of foods. Traditional German Frankfurt food and drink, Vietnamese, Italian, Japanese and more.

On our first night, after arriving pretty late, we nipped to a Vietnamese place round the corner from our Airbnb, called Vipho. Such a cool wee place, the ceiling was lit up and full of origami cranes.

 To start with we shared veggie summer rolls, and papaya salad. Not as spicy as I have had before. 

For the main I went for sesame pork belly, on sticky white rice with lightly pickled vegetables. Com Heo Quay. 

One of my sisters went for the same pork belly on a bed of rice noodles (Bun Heo Quay) and the other tofu (Bun Dau Hu) both topped with nuts. All so tasty!

We were advised by our Airbnb host that a bakery just around the corner was one of the best in town,  Ziet Fuer Brot and usually queued round the block. We went along for breakfast, pretty early so luckily wasn’t as busy as expected. Such a massive selection on offer, was a struggle to choose. So many variations on cinnamon rolls to pick between! I went for the poppy seed with almonds. 

For lunch we went for traditional Frankfurt food, over in the Sachsenhausen area of town. We went to one of the traditional Apfelwein pubs, Apfelwein Wagner, where we had a jug of Apfelwein. I wouldn’t recommend it, although all the locals were drinking it. It was like a strong flat cider. Drinkable, but won’t be having it again.

For lunch I had pork schnitzel, with roasted potatoes and green sauce. Green sauce is a Frankfurt speciality, made from seven green herbs and mayonnaise based. Quite nice.

Over the weekend we had a few cocktails which we wouldn’t get in the uk. This was the Lillet White Berry, made with Lillet Blanc and Schweppes berry fusion. 

Another was Hugo, which is Prosseco based, with mint, lime and elderflower. Extremely refreshing. 

And of course, drank plenty of beer. Mainly the local ones, Henninger and Binding. 

One evening we headed out to the Bornheim area, and went for some of the best tapas I have ever had. It was a cute little restaurant called Weisse Lille, and began with some sangria. Yum! 

Between the three of us we ordered a heap of tapas including; patatas bravas, patatas aioli, chorizo in red wine, gambas pil pil, and the best thing dates wrapped in Parma ham and grilled. All was delicious, ate far too much and had some left overs. And only cost €20 each, with drinks! 

After we stopped for a drink at Chaplin Bar, which had a massive gin selection!

Finally got to try Saffron Gin, which was really good. My sister had a German one called The Bitter Truth Pink Gin, also delicious. And such a cool glass for a martini!

On our final day we took a trip round Kleinmarkethalle , the food market. So much on offer I wish I could have stocked up. Managed to taste a few samples, and had a salami foccacia and a rubarb and custard crumble pastry. 

Such a vast selection of so many international foods to try. Such a great city for eating and drinking, would love to go again!