By chance found out that the Brewdog brewery in Ellon was having an open day, and so glad I did. Since the last time I did the tour the brewery has dramatically expanded, by more than double its original size. Plus they are moving into spirits! 

We turned up not really knowing what to expect. The tour started off from Brewdogs staff room/canteen, which is the coolest staff room I have been in, complete with its own shuffleboard table. Smart! Straight away joined one of the tour groups, and sat down in their meeting room and given a sample of the new lager, Kingpin to drink while watching the new Kingpin Video. Which is hilarious. Kingpin is replacing This Is Lager in the headliner range. I’m not a lager drinker, much prefer ales, but this was good. And much better than This Is Lager. 

On to the tour! First up was to the malt room, loads of different malts ready to be milled, of which we got to taste a couple of the grains. The brewery showed and talked us through the whole process; mashing, fermenting, filtering and packaging. A batch of 5am (my favourite) was on the bottling line while we were in, very impressive! 

The new extension contains the warehouse, so much beer. The scale of the place was immense! The bit I was most excited for was the LoneWolf distillery, where brewdog are branching into spirits. Whisky, vodka and gin. The stills and fractioning column were really impressive, stunning. There were a couple of prototypes to sample, one using pine as the main botanical, and the other more traditional with liquorice and coriander botanicals. Both were surprisingly good, and so glad they aren’t going for hop gin which I had heard was the plan.

After completing the tour everyone was given a goody bag, complete with a can of Elvis Juice, the new grapefruit IPA. 

All this, the hour and a half tour and a few samples along the way for free! Great event by Brewdog. After speaking about beer for so long it was straight to the onsite bar, Dogtap, for a few pints. Cheers!