Two school nights out in a week, pretty much unheard of for me. Went out with a couple of work mates for dinner and a few (more than a few) drinks last night. Paying for it today…

I had been wanting to go to the new Boozy Cow for ages, to check how it compared to the original. It is so much better! Much more space, and really cool and quirky decor. 

They had a wide range of craft beer on offer, started with an American pale ale, Beavertown’s Gamma Ray. Very tasty and refreshing.

Boozy cows menu is pretty immense, took a long time to final decide what to go for. I went for the maple bacon cheese burger, a burger with crispy bacon Swiss cheese, pickles and mustard mayonnaise. My work mates went for the holy cow burger, a double pattie with caramelised onions cheese, bacon and hot sauce. And the dirty dog, a hot dog wrapped in bacon with salsa, sour cream and chillies. All very healthy!

On top of this also ordered three sides to share, as couldn’t decide on one each. The chilli cheese fries, hot chicken wings and macaroni waffle topped with chilli and cheese sauce.

Everything arrived on a couple of trays, made for sharing and eating with your hands. Looked and smelt amazing, all rapidly raced in and grabbed something. Only just managed to get a photo before it was devoured. 

All of it was super tasty, the burgers were really juicy, and the chilli fries just amazing, with a good kick of heat. Unfortunately the wings weren’t hot, the chilli sauce had more heat than the wings. The highlight of the whole meal was the macaroni waffle. Extremely cheesey macaroni, in batter, deep fried, on a heap of spicy cheese sauce and topped with beef chilli and more cheese. So unbelievably good, but definitely a one off treat.

I did have plans to one of the milkshakes for pudding, but was beyond full, so decided to try another beer instead. An IPA this time, also by Beavertown called Neck Oil, very good.

Such a cool place, with tasty food and a great selection of craft beer. Will be back soon!