To breakup the journey from North Berwick back to Aberdeen we decided to stop for a night in St Andrews. 

I am a massive craft beer fan, and craft gin even more, so i booked us in for the Eden Mill brewery and distillery tours and tastings. They are setup just a few miles outside of St Andrews in Guardbridge, where as well as the production areas there is a shop with a wide variety of their gins and beers, plus a bar and tasting rooms. Also for only £10 for the gin, and £7.50 for the beer it really is good value for money.

When we arrived we were given a half pint of their Clock Red Ale to drink while listening to the history of Eden Mill/Eden Brewery and the beers. 

After this we were shown round the brewery, and the full process explained from the wheat, hops, yeast and water to bottling, capping and labelling. 

We were then led to the bar/tasting area where a tasting flight of six beers was set out for each of us, ranging from light pale ale at 2.4% to a dark stout of 9.1%. My favourite was the Jintrepid, which is an IPA flavoured with juniper berries.

Gin time! We started off with a G&T to listen to the history with. This was their original gin which has sea buckthorn berries and lemon balm as some of its botanicals, very refreshing. 

Again we were talked through the distilling process and shown the three copper stills. 

And concluded the tour with a tasting of three of Eden Mills gins. First up was the extremely popular Love Gin, this was served with rose lemonade and a frozen raspberry. This gin is really sweet and floral with botanicals including rose petals, goji berries and hibiscus flowers. Which also gives it a pink colour. The second one was the Oak Gin, which is aged in oak casks like whisky. This was garnished with some orange and served with Ginger Ale. It was surprisingly good. And finally the Hop Gin, garnished with a piece of chilli and some tonic water. I think this one was my favourite. Both were really informative, and interesting tours, which we left fairly tipsy and in need of some dinner to try and straighten us out.

When we got back into St Andrews we had a quick wander about before finding Forgan’s. It was great. Really unique interior, fun atmosphere and tasty looking menu. 

I am a bit partial to scallops, have to have them when i see it on the menu. These were cooked perfectly and served with two full slices of Stornoway black pudding and apple coulis. So so good! 

The main course was absolutely delicious, Duck Shepherds Pie with green beans and peas and a thyme jus. Going to have to try and recreate this it was so divine. It was shredded duck in a rich sweet gravy, topped with creamy mash. I was so stuffed i couldn’t even think about pudding, although they all looked delectable.

For breakfast the next day i found a little rustic place, with loads of chalk painted up-cycled furniture called The Cottage Kitchen. It had a full range of brunches, of which i decided on the classic Eggs Benedict, and it really hit the spot. Lovely buttery sauce, tasty ham and perfectly runny yolks.

To walk off brunch took a wander around the town centre, Cathedral, Castle and some of the university buildings. Such a stunning place, with some amazing buildings.

Before leaving decided one last sweet treat was needed (wanted). From the window spotted the biggest scones i have ever seen, of all sorts of unusual flavours. In we went, and it turned out to be a 1940s vintage tea room with war time artefacts, decor and furniture called Gorgeous . The scone i had was named “The Prince of Cambridge”, and contained blueberries, raspberries and white chocolate. My boyfriend went for the goats cheese, caramelised onion and thyme. Both were excellent.

A great little trip to St Andrews, so much more to see and eat. Highly recommended! Hopefully be back again soon!