On Friday night we had a few friends round for the night, a great excuse to try out some new recipes, and put on a big spread!
I recently took part in a Japanese cooking evening class at the local college, and been wanting to try out what I have learned. Asian food, and particularly Japanese, is my favourite. So decided on some Asian spiced pork belly, in steamed buns (also know as bao). Served along with some chicken yakitori, and prawn gyoza.

For the pork belly I based this on a recipe I found online for Chinese style red pork. Where the pork belly is cooked in a slow cooker with a mix of soy sauce, ginger, lemongrass, garlic, Palm sugar, onions and stock. Once softened I then grilled it on the bbq to crisp up the skin, then chopped up into slices, and added with the reduced stock. So so yum. Went down a treat!

I also made steamed buns from a Jamie Oliver recipe, Steamed buns, these were delicious, but not as white and fluffy as I have had while eating out. Will be trying a new recipe when I make these next time.

For the gyoza I bought the gyoza skins from local Asian supermarket, and filled with a mix of prawns, spring onions and soy and ginger. To cook I fried then steamed.

Then onto pudding. Using a recipe from Tokyo Cult recipes by Maori Murota (one of my favourite ever recipe books), I made matcha green tea and white chocolate cake. Served with some shop bought white chocolate and raspberry ice cream. Plus an experimental dish, wasabi cheesecake. I was recommended this, and given the recipe, but it did not work out well, at all. The base was far too solid, and the cheesecake incredibly overpowering. I think I must have added too much wasabi, even then I doubt I will be trying this one again.