I have been looking forward to the North Hop festival for months and it did not disappoint.

For those who haven’t heard of North Hop, it is a food a drink festival with over 30 exhibitors, ranging from craft beer to Texmex, local gins to creme brûlée and cold brew coffee to BBQ.

First stop was straight to Brewdogs Truck Norris. Where I sampled the prototype red ale. I am a fan of their 5am Saint red ale, and this was even better. Hopefully it will be around for a while!
Drygate, a Glasgow brewery, was the next stop, where I went for a Disco Forklift Truck Mango Pale Ale. Bit too tasty, went down far too well. Then a Wanderlust Wheat from 6 Degrees North.
Now for some food. After much deliberation settled on pulled pork tacos from Aberdeen’s Fresh Mex. These were loaded with plenty of hot salsa and fresh guacamole. Washed down with a Punk. So good.

On to the cocktail lounge. Headed straight for the Dunnet Bay Distillers stand for some of their amazing Rock Rose gin, but decided to try their new Holy Grass Vodka served with elderflower tonic. And wow, it was unbelievable! Not usually a vodka fan but this was great. Will be ordering a bottle as soon as.

A trip to the Rum Surgery hosted by Solid Liquids was the next port of call. We each chose a different rum, and sampled all three. A white rum n ting, a spiced rum n ting and dark rum with ginger ale and lime. Yum!

Pudding time! We had all been eying up the Crema Caravan. An old campervan which has been converted into a food truck serving up burnt to order creme brûlées. Went for the chocolate stout flavour, and OMG, perfect. Along side this we had espresso martinis from The Brew Lab. Made using nitro cold brew coffee and Arbikie Vodka. Genius combination.

After this, we made numerous stops to the 10 Dollar Shake and Juniper bars, and my memory starts to blur. Many more great cocktails were drank. Suffering the consequences today!

All in all it was a amazing night, such a huge selection on offer, amazing food and drink, and a brilliant atmosphere. Can’t wait for the next one!

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